Stainless Steel E Series

Stainless Steel E Series


Product Description

The Grove Gear IronMan E Series is a high efficiency, right angle gear reducer designed for increased torque density, reduced inventory and improved efficiency. By utilizing modified helical-bevel technology, the E Series is able to operate at 90% efficiency and can provide up to 60% higher torque than a typical worm gear reducer. Through various accessories and modular components, the E Series recreates the critical dimensions of a standard worm gearbox and provides the opportunity to reduce inventory.


  • Two sizes available with ratings to 8.5 HP
  • Available in double and triple reduction
  • Ratios from 8:1 to 450:1

Standard Features

  • High Efficiency Right Angle Gear Reducer
  • 316 stainless steel housing, flange and cover
  • USDA accepted
  • Food grade synthetic lubricant, USDA class H1
  • Etched housing to stop debris entrapment
  • Alternative to Stainless Steel Helical-Bevel options
  • 60% more torque than a typical worm gear reducer
  • 90% operating efficiency
  • Premium Stainless Steel E Series is also available with a rounded housing enhance allows runoff


  • Horizontal Base (T-Mount)
  • Output Flange (F Mount)
  • Torque Arm Kit
  • Hollow Output Shaft Protective Cover
  • NEMA “C” Flange Adaptor Kits