Helical-Inline Aluminum (P Series)

Helical-Inline Aluminum (P Series)


Product Description

LeCENTRIC helical-inline gear reducers offer unsurpassed advantages in terms of weight, efficiency and interchangeability. The aluminum reducers are loaded with long life features industrial equipment users have come to expect. LeCENTRIC™ offers a modular construction, which allows for the in-field addition of a specific base or flange needed to make LeCENTRIC™ a bolt-in replacement for dozens of popular reducer brands.


  • 4 sizes available with ratings to 15 HP.
  • Available in single, double and reductions.
  • Ratings from 3.5:1 to 280:1.

Standard Features

  • Single-piece aluminum alloy housing vacuum impregnated with Resinol RT (MILSTD 276) for protection and sealing. 
  • Factory-filled with premium Mobil Glygoyle 460 polyalkalene glycol lubricant.
  • Premium Viton® seal provide extra protection against entry of contaminants or loss of lubrication. Tandem seals available on input and output. 
  • Oversized ball bearings on both input and output shafts. 
  • Bearing spans optimized to allow for maximum overhung load capacity, enhanced durability and reliability—while minimizing shaft deflection. 
  • All gearing is hardened and ground (AGMA Class 10 or better), for enhanced efficiency and noise reduction. Double reduction units are 96 – 97% efficient. 
  • Removable inspection cover allows periodic inspection of gearing during routine maintenance. 
  • Robust output shaft of high strength steel alloy for superior torque and overhung load capacities. 
  • Permanently marked nameplate with output torque, ratio and maximum input horsepower. 
  • Wide selection of accessory bases and flanges.
  • Mounting dimensions are interchangeable with many popular reducers.
  • Integral mounting bases and output flanges designed to interchange integral output flange also available to allow interchange with many industry standard sizes.
  • Available pre-assembled with LEESON or Lincoln Motors for the perfect GEAR+MOTOR™ package.