IE2 & IE3 Efficiency Motor

IE2 & IE3 Efficiency Motor


Product Description

The New IS: 12615 is based on the International Standard IEC 60034-30 (2008) which defines New Efficiency Classification for single speed, three phase, induction motors.
The new IS: 12615 covers single speed, three-phase, 50Hz, cage induction motors that:

have rated voltage ≤1000V;
have a rated output 0.37kW ≤ PN ≤ 375kW;
have either 2, 4 or 6 poles;
meet frame size to output relation as stipulated in IS: 1231 (for outputs covered by IS:1231);
are rated on the basis of either duty type S1 (continuous duty) or S3 (intermittent periodic duty) with rated cyclic duration factor of 80% or higher;
are capable of operating direct on-line;
are designed for operation on virtually sinusoidal and balanced voltage conditions as defined in 7.2.1 of IS/IEC 60034-1;

designed for an ambient temperature not exceeding 40°C and altitude not exceeding 1000m;
have degree of protection IP44 or superior;
have method of cooling IC411 in accordance with IS 6362 / IEC 60034-6;
have service factor not exceeding 1.0.
The Efficiency classes defined are:
IE1 – Standard Efficiency
IE2 – High Efficiency
IE3 – Premium Efficiency
The New IS:12615 also stipulates that for motors to be classified as “Energy Efficient”, these must meet at least IE2
efficiency values.

Type : Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors

Output : 0.37 kw… 315 kW

Frame Size : 71 – 355L

Poles : 2, 4, 6