Crane Duty Motors

Crane Duty Motors


Product Description

Crompton Greaves squirrel cage / slip ring Crane duty motors are specially designed for service on cranes and hoists. They can also be used for similar applications such as material handling equipments, and cranes of all types. These motors can serve as auxiliary motors in rolling mills or wherever intermittent duty drives are reqired.

These are duty type rated motors developing high starting torque with low starting current. The motors are suitable for frequent starts/ stops and reversals. Also rapid acceleration is achieved by high pull out torque / rotor inertia ratio.

Frame GD 63 to 225M

Mounting Foot

Pole 4,6, 8

Frequncy 50 or 60 Hz

Duty S3 / S4

Crane duty motors are used for following applications in majority:

Cranes &hoists: long travel drive, cross travel drive, main hoist, auxiliary hoist.

Material handling equipments: various conveyors


Rolling mills