HV AC Cage Induction Motors

HV AC Cage Induction Motors


Product Description

The Impak range has been designed to provide the maximum variety of cooling forms and enclosures, whilst still utilizing standardized electrical components. Two stator frames have been developed for each frame size : a horizontal foot mounting frame, mounting designation IM 1001, and a vertical flange/skirt mounting frame, mounting designations IM3011/3611. The horizontal foot mounting frame has an open top with machined faces to accept the cover or heat exchanger. The vertical flange/skirt’ mounting frame has two open sides with similarly machined faces. The specified range of cooling forms and enclosures is available on each mounting arrangement. The first part of this publication details the mechanical features while the second part deals with electrical information.

MARATHON Electric has over 2500 MW installed world-wide

Upto 4000 KW range capability

All speeds available

Highest available efficiency – rapid pay-back

High Power Factor – Low Power Cost

20 years’ expected design life at 1000 starts per year

Resivac VPI Insulation System for total winding reliability

Highest quality – lowest maintenance costs

Low Noise Level – Better performance than IS:12065

Low vibration level – conforms to IS:12075

IP 55 enclosure protection as standard on enclosed machines

Factory fixed Air Gap

Compliance with National and International Standards

Built to type N requirements

Upto 11 kV, 50 or 60 Hz. supply

Low Starting Current design available

Variable speed drive compatibility

Horizontal mounting

Rolling or Plain Bearings

Environmentally friendly motors to meet all drives

Type “e” version available on request

Slipring version available