IE2 High Effciency

IE2 High Effciency

IE2 High Effciency

Product Description

ABB is the world’s leading manufacturer of low voltage induction motors, with over 100 years experience and presence in more than 140 countries. Manufacturing location are spread across the globe including China, Finland, India, Italy, Spain and Sweden. ABB motors are known for energy efficiency, robustness and reliability.

Type: Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors

Output: 0.37 kw to 630 kW*; 0.50 to 845 hp (According to IS 12615, IEC 60034-1, IS 325/1996)

Voltage: 415 V; 220 to 690 V

Duty: S1 to S8 acc. to IS: 12824

Ambient Temperature: 50 C; -20 C to 65 C

Altitude: Up to 1000 m, with Class F insulation

* IS 12615 specifies IE2 till 375kw.

Highest efficiency class

Suitable for 50 C ambient temperature for rugged environment

Cast iron construction for high structural strength

Inner bearing cover on driving side restricts axial play

Reliable, efficient & cost effective for various industrial Applications

Low noise

Reduced downtime

Reduced energy bill

High resistance to abnormal operating conditions

High tolerance to thermal stresses from frequent starts

Ecofriendly operation for limiting carbon emissions

High efficiency levels save energy, enable cooler motor running for extended bearing and winding lifetime