Crane Duty

Crane Duty


Product Description

BBL manufactures Squirrel Cage Crane and Hoist Duty Motors with Type ‘MC’. These motors are generally one frame size smaller than normal. These motors are not limited to cranes and hoists, but can also be used in applications requiring frequent switching.

Standard ‘MC’ motors are designed for use for S3, S4 or S5 duty with various Cyclic Duration Factors (CDF). These motors can be offered in various types of mountings and are made with standard ‘MA’ components. i.e. body, end shields etc.

Power Rating : 0.37 KW to 400 KW

Frame : 71 to 355L

Mounting : Foot

Pole : 4, 6, 8

Frequency : 50 or 60 HZ

Duty : S1 To S9

Supply Conditions:- (Voltage & Frequency)

Voltage : 415+- 10%

Frequency : 50Hz +- 5%

Combined Variation : +-10%

Ambient : Motors are designed for ambient temperature 45°C

Altitude : Motors are designed for altitude upto 1000m above mean sea level

Re-rating Factors : The re-rating applicable under different conditions of ambient and altitude are obtained by multiplying factors.

Winding : The stators are wound with modified polyester enamel covered (Temp class 155°C) copper wires and impregnated with class F varnish .However motors wound with dual coated copper wires and VPI can be provided on request.

All motors in 315S frame & above are wound with dual coated winding wire (thermal class 200°C) and all impregnated with VPI process.