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3-Phase Cast Iron :-

3-Phase Cast Iron
Technical Data
3-Phase Cast Iron: -
Oxford squirrel cage three-phase induction motors are in full accordance with IEC standards. It has international interchangeability and be widely used in most countries of the world. The rated voltage of oxford squirrel cage three-phase induction motors is 415V and the rated frequency is 50HZ. The protection degree of the enclosure is IP55 and the duty type is S1. All oxford motors adopt F insulation reliable with Degree B temperature rise under full load.
This kind of induction motors have such characteristics as high locked torque, reliable running, artistic contour, low noise under load, long service life. Electric motors below Frame Size 112 have both cast iron and aluminium frames. Motors of oxford has high efficiency under full load with high efficiency design, which especially apply to constant operation for long time.
oxford induction motors apply to drive various machinery which has no special property requirements, such as machine tools, pumps, blowers etc. We can also make subseries according to customer's requirements as various protection degree, double shaft extensions and special environments.
All oxford induction motors are manufactured under strict quality assurance program. Our motor manufacturing plant has been awarded ISO9001 certificate. We can assure to provide our customers fine quality induction motors.
Oxford motors confirms EFF-2 level of energy efficiency and are CE marked

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