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Neema Frame Motors:-

Neema Frame Motors
Technical Data
Neema Frame Motors

Global-HE series motors are general-purpose polyphase squirrel cage induction motors meeting all required NEMA and IEEE standards. In addition to our numerous in-factory sampling motor tests to verify and improve our designs,we also have tested our motors at the prestifious Hydro - Quebec
LTEE independent motor testing laboratory in Canada. All Global-HE,TEFC motors from 1 HP to 200 HP currently meet or exceed the minimum efficiency requirements per US Energy Policy Act of 1992.
All oxford motors have TEFC enclosures,with IP54 protection and Class F insulation system,and meet class B temperature rise at full load. Our motors have high starting and breakdown torque. We have selected the highest quality bearing from Japan and test each bearing prior to installation in our motors.The very low noise and vibration levels make these motors extremely suitable for various operations at high load rates and continuous running at 40 C and lower ambient temperatures.

To ensure our Global-HE motors are high quality and reliable,we have made every effort in the design and production to provide that extra margin of reliability so our customers have less concerns about our motors in their operations.For assurance of low motor vibration and noise levels,we perform dynamic balancing on every rotor,and alignment checks on our production line.We use high strength,non-metalic,non-sparking external fans for all our Global-HE motors to enhance the ventilation,provide additional safety,as well as to reduce the noise levels.Our motor design is original for our EPACT compliant Global HE motors.


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